ask please
  • ✂: Share one of the hardest moments in your life.
  • æ: Post a picture of yourself
  • ✌: Share a childhood memory
  • ✓: Share something about yourself others might think is weird.
  • ☹: Share a turn off and a turn on
  • ☀: If you can marry anyone, who would it be?
  • ♬: Share a song that takes you to a certain memory in the past.
  • ♧: Share the story of something that makes you smile.
  • ☆: Share one thing you think about before you go to bed at night
  • ♥: If you like/love my blog.
  • ▲: If you dislike my blog.
  • ♡: If i’m in your crushes
  • ♠: You love me
  • ☼: You want to know more about me.
  • ◘: Something/someone that never fails to make me happy
  • ☆: Ten random songs on your ipod/mp3.
  • ❤: Who I think is very handsome/beautiful
  • ✖: Something I dislike
  • ϟ: A random fact about myself
  • ♪: My favorite song(s)
  • ☃ Anything you want to ask
  • Go for it because you guys don't know me too well. I'm very sarcastic and I probably won't be if I answer these.

my kid WILL have this 
my beautiful sister ♥ 
chillin around your house in a sports bra and sweats.
I wish I had more redneck friends.

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He’s so delicious…